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Západ slunce nad AN2

Tales of men and machine

Hawker Hurricane NN-D

310 Sqn-2.jpg

All of the men mentioned have a machine in common, which can be seen in their group photo.

A Hawker Hurricane, the carrier type of the Battle of Britain. 

The fuselage is the Mk.I version with the engine bed and Merlin 35 engine from the Mk.II version, as the aircraft was rebuilt before delivery to Russia.

The Hawker Hurricane belongs in our skies as a reminder of all the pilots who flew it.


The aircraft in NN-D livery is currently undergoing refurbishment and we will keep you updated with further details in the Stories of Men and Machines on this page

It has not been easy to come to terms with the loss of a man and a precious aircraft, but life goes on, we look to the future and never give up...


We have been working for the past 11 months on a project that transcends national borders and will remind us of the heroism of "one of the few". Also the eternal bond between Czechoslovakia and Great Britain, which our airmen helped in its darkest hour, the determination of all those who were and are ready to fight for their country and freedom.


We have decided to create a "new identity" for Hurricane P 3351, which after refurbishment will carry the colouring and codenames of the famous Hurricane P 3143. This machine was flown by the 310th (Czechoslovak) Fighter Squadron of the RAF, codenamed NN-D.

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