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About the event


Both of these types of aircraft are very unique machines that have traveled the world for almost 80 years. Electra was famous all over the world for Amélia Erhartová, but in our region Electra is known mainly as a passenger plane of Jan Antonín Bata. This particular piece, which he drove on board J.A. Baťa, is at home at Točná Airport. It was the first impulse to create this unique meeting. It is known that this is the last airworthy piece type L-10A. In New Zealand, however, they are trying to put another specimen into operation. But there are several smaller types of Electra L-12 Junior flying around the world, and we would like to welcome them to us in the very heart of Europe.

Thanks to the similarity, we decided to invite a unique type of Spartan Executive 7W. Historically, only 36 of them were produced, but fortunately many of them have remained airworthy. Both types were created at the same time, have the same power unit and visually Spartan looks like a little brother Electra.