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Boeing Stearman B75-N1

The legend that brought up the US Air Force for World War II

Basic parameters


Year of manufacture




1 236




km / h

Travel speed

1 + 1

Number of persons

About the Plane

The aircraft, which you can see on Točná, was built in 1942 for the needs of the US Air Force, so that after the end of World War II, it shared the fate of thousands of pieces of this type. It was discarded and from today's point of view sold at a ridiculous price to private hands. He went through a number of them. In 1948 he had to replace the engine, for a more powerful Lycoming R680 with an output of 300 horsepower, today we can only assume that the main reason was the ability to carry heavier loads, ie means for agricultural spraying, folk dusting. In the early 1990s, Stearman underwent an expensive and thorough reconstruction, during which, among other things, he acquired the color of training aircraft of the US Army Air Force from the beginning of World War II. Since 2019, it has been owned by the Al Mazrouei family from the United Arab Emirates, and since that year, Stearman has also been a guest in the Tochen Hangar.

9.8 m

7.62 m

2.79 m

27.59 m2

1,236 kg

180 km / h

---- m

---- km

Lycoming R680

   ---- HP / ---- kW

---- l / h

---- l

1 + 1




Wing area

Weight of empty machine

Travel speed



Power unit



Tank capacity

Number of passengers

More about the plane

The Boeing B 75 Stearman is one of the most famous American biplanes and perhaps the most famous biplane in the lay public. If you see an airplane flying in one of the American romantic (but also war) films, the vast majority will be Stearman. However, his acting in films was not the reason for his creation. His main job was to carry out future pilots of all components of the US Armed Forces, that is, the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and ultimately the Air Force through the pitfalls of gaining first aviation experience. The Stearman was an aircraft used before and during World War II for basic flight training in the United States and many of its allied countries. As part of the Royal Air Force training centers in Canada, Czechoslovak pilots also mastered the aviation craft there.

At the same time, the aircraft was designed and first manufactured in 1933 as a prototype Model 70 at the Stearman Aircraft Company in Wichita, and in a hardly believable sixty-five days today! Original owner Lloyd Stearman before the start of II. During World War II, he sold his aircraft factory to the Boeing Company of Seattle, which then chose the factory designation Boeing Model 75 for the training biplane. Boeing Stearman.

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