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Hangár LKTC

Aircraft at Točná Airport

We associate owners of historic aircraft


AT-6 Harvard

World War II American training machine in the color of the South African Air Force. The British Prince Phillip also learned to fly on this type.

M1C Sokol

Sokol M1C

The first post-war tourist aircraft of Czechoslovak design, which achieved many international successes and records.


Hawker Hurricane Mk.II

More info soon..

Lockheed Electra

Lockheed Electra L-10A

The Lockheed Electra 10A was made famous by pilot Amelia Earhart, who unsuccessfully attempted to fly around the world. 


Aero C-104S

The last biplane serially produced in Czechoslovakia.

Praga Air Baby Přílet

Praga E-114M

 One of the most widespread and most popular sports aircraft in the history of Czechoslovak aviation.


Zlin Z-526

The only piece of export Trainer Z-526 with a Walter Minor 6-III engine with Czech registration


Zlin C-305

Zlín Trenér - aircraft belonging to one of the most famous type series produced in Czechoslovakia.

Avia BH-1

Avia BH-1

Replica of the first Czechoslovak aircraft from the company Avia.


Avia BH-5

A replica of the famous Czechoslovak design from the Avia company and the successor to the BH1 aircraft with the original Walter NZ-60 engine from 1923.


Waco YKS-6

The epitome of American Art Deco in a unique biplane, the only one flying in Europe.


Beech Bonanza B35

American Rock-and-Roll classic with V-Tail tails, nicknamed "Doctor's. Killer"

If you are interested in participating in any of the aircraft on an air show or other event, please contact us at

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