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Západ slunce nad AN2

Information for pilots

Airport information

The airport is non-public domestic.

The radio service in English is possible on request 48 hours before your arrival.


You will receive approval for landing by e-mail at , or by phone at +420 724 443 882 , or during the flight on the frequency Točná Rádio 123,410.

Use the center of the runway, not the safety strip, to taxi to the take-off point!

At Točná Airport, the activities of aircraft modellers in the runway's protection zones are taking place with the consent of CZ CAA. The activity is coordinated during operation at the airport.

ICAO airport code

Turntable Radio

Attention, runway 09 has a slope with a gradient of up to 2.02%


1,027 ft

Letecké Muzeum Točná, sro,

Radlická 2, Prague 5

123,410 th most common

09/27 grass 870 × 30 meters

Track profile

Profil dráhy LKTC
Osa dráhy LKTC

Airport security

The airport is completely fenced and guarded 24 hours a day.

Landing charges
Valid from 1.1. 2023

Historic aircraft– FREE (e.g. An-2 or Zlín 126)

Maximum takeoff weight up to 500 kg​ - 200 CZK 

Maximum takeoff weight up to 1000 kg - 300 CZK

Maximum takeoff weight up to 2000 kg - 400 CZK

Maximum takeoff weight over 2000 kg- 800 CZK

Parking– up to 2 days FREE, over 2 days 500 CZK / day

Passenger charges– FREE

Prices include VAT

Transport connection

To travel to/from the airport   you can use:


1) Uber, Bolt or another type of taxi service

2) Bus from Cholupice (Bus stop "Zálužická" -277, 341) or Komořany (Bus stop "Komořany" -  139, 117, 165) and walk from the stop according to the maps

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