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Dětské hřiště na letišti Točná


So that even the smallest have their place.

The playground is open every day from morning to evening.
Children's parties are limited to one a day.

Can 2 or more celebrations take place on the field at the same time?

No , from year 2021, we have limited children's celebrations to one per day due to high maintenance costs.  Please note that this year the course is particularly popular.

Playground rental and frequently asked questions

We often receive questions about the possibility of renting a playground for children's celebrations. We have no problem holding events of this type, however, we do not count on closing the playground to the public during the celebration and do not reserve tables. If you plan to use the playground in this way, please send us an email to, children's celebrations are limited to one a day.

For capacity reasons, please report organized groups.

From September 7, 2021, cyclists will not be allowed to park their cars at the playground! The car park is reserved for visits to the airport or playground.

Can I fly a kite or fly with a drone / model airplane on a playground or near the airport?

No. Točná Airport, as well as other airports, has well-known protection zones that extend far beyond the airport fencing.

Ochranné Pásmo LKTC

Flying a kite or flying drones / aircraft models (without coordination with the Radio Airport service) in the airport protection zone can compromise the safety of air traffic and people in the vicinity. The greatest danger is in the axis of the track. Pursuant to Section 40 of Collection 49/1997 (Civil Aviation Act), all activities in the airport security zone must be approved by the Civil Aviation Authority and must not endanger air traffic.

Can I grill or toast on the playground?

No , we do not allow any form of open fire on the playground, even during children's celebrations. An exception are some events organized in cooperation with SDH Cholupice.

Can I have my own smaller party tent on the playground during the celebration?

Yes, but please include this fact in the e-mail when announcing the celebration. Write to or use the form below.

Can I have my own bouncy castle or other attractions on the playground during the celebration?

No , we believe that there are plenty of attractions on the court and we do not want to be responsible in case something happens to someone at your attraction.


The only situation where you can see inflatable attractions on the playground are larger events organized in cooperation with SDH Cholupice and Prague 12, and we also order attractions with professional service.

Can I bring a dog to the playground?

Yes, if the dog does not threaten others visitors a clean up si after him. At the same time, it is necessary to have the dog on a leash or with a basket.

Provozní řád
Want to ask something about the playground?

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