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Waco YKS-6

The only airworthy YKS-6 in Europe.

Basic parameters


Year of manufacture








km / h

Travel speed

3 + 1

Number of persons

About the Plane

In 2019, a WACO YKS 6, which left the Weawer Aircraft Co. factory in Troy, Ohio, USA, on 7 August 1936, was added to the exhibits of the Točná Air Museum. It belongs to the successful WACO Cabin Plane series of four- to five-seat biplanes. Under its first owner, Orin C. Meyers. It is not without interest, however, that its second owner on August 15, 1939, briefly became Cessna Aircraft Company Co., Inc. Today, we no longer know who learned to build airplanes from whom, we only know that Cessna airplanes became a symbol of general aviation not only in the U.S., but throughout the world.


Shortly thereafter, the machine came into the possession of Mr. and Mrs. Schwamm, who flew it from Petersburg, Alaska, for air ambulance service. The machine is equipped for this purpose with skis in winter and floats in summer. It is used to transport the sick and injured from the hard-to-reach Alaskan wilderness to town, to the doctor and to the hospital. Although the registered owner changed several times, the WACO YKS 6 flew in this deployment until 1965. How many lives were saved thanks to the ingenious designers and brave pilots of this now unique machine is probably too many to count.

10.54 m

8.08 m

2.63 m

1,474 kg

236 km / h

209 km / h

4 572 m

700 km

Jacobs R 755

275 HP / 205 kW

70 l / h

242 l

up to 3 passengers, up to 2 pilots




Take - off weight

Maximal speed

Travel speed



Power unit



Tank capacity

Number of passengers

Since 1997, the machine has been exhibited in the collections of the Deutsches Museum, Flugwerft Oberschleissheim, where it has been permanently maintained in flying condition thanks to the care of its owner. Since about mid-2019 this rare exhibit has been flying from Točná airport. Type YKS 6 is the only airworthy specimen in Europe, from the WACO Cabin Plane series there is also a type OEC in the UK in airworthy condition.


A few airworthy examples can still be found in the United States of America.

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