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About the event


Both of these types of aircraft are very unique machines that have roamed the world's skies for almost 80 years. All over the world, Electras were made famous by Amelia Erhart, but in our region the Electra is mainly known as the personal plane of Jan Antonín Bata. This particular piece, which he carried on board JABAť, is at home at Točná airport. It was the first impetus for the creation of this unique assembly. This is known to be the last airworthy piece of the L-10A type. In New Zealand, however, they are trying to put another specimen into operation. However, there are several smaller types of Electra L-12 Junior flying around the world, and we would like to welcome them here in the very heart of Europe.

Due to the similarity, we decided to also invite the unique Spartan Executive 7W type. Historically, only 36 of these were produced, but fortunately many of them remained airworthy. Both types were created at the same time, have the same power unit, and visually the Spartan looks like the little brother of the Electra.

During the preparations for the zeroth year of this event, the name Art Deco Aviation Meeting emerged, where machines from this period up to 1950 will be welcomed.


The era of aviation in the thirties, forties and fifties belongs to one of the most significant periods of aircraft production. Purpose-built aircraft were created for various industries, and progress in aviation could be seen at every turn.

Today, this era is neglected and aircraft reminiscent of this era are slowly disappearing from the world's skies.

That is why this event was created, which is open to all aircraft of this era, so that owners and operators all over the world have their holiday and a few days full of flying, friendly atmosphere and passing on experiences. It is informality that is very popular.

The event is in its 0th year and if it continues, it will be in 2024 at the earliest after considering all possibilities and demands, whether financial or organizational.

Thank you for your support!

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