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Sokol M-1C ve vzduchu

Mráz M-1C Sokol

The first Czechoslovak post-war mass-produced aircraft

Basic parameters


Year of manufacture








km / h

Travel speed

1 + 2

Number of persons

About the Plane

This unique aircraft of serial number 142 was purchased by the Točná Aviation Museum in 2013 from Mr. Mariaš, who discovered it, had it generated by the Prague company BMZ servis in 2000 and subsequently flew with it.


The first Czechoslovak post-war Sokol M1C aircraft is a product of the Automobile Works company in Chocen (formerly Ing. J. Mráz).


The production of this three-seater sports, training and touring aircraft was started in 1946. The designer Zdeněk Rublič worked on the plans of the aircraft in secret during the war.


287 pieces were produced, half of which were exported. Production was terminated by a decision of the already centrally managed economy in 1950. Between 1947 and 1949, several promotional flights took place. For example, the longest: From Prague to Cape Town in South Africa. Of the two machines, only one returned when the other crashed in Nairobi, where it failed for power lines. The crew escaped with only minor injuries. The aircraft was destroyed and much of Africa found itself without power. The stage flight lasted two months and Sokol flew 33,000 km without a single defect. Another promotional flight was made in 1949 by Swiss pilots from Zurich to Melbourne, Australia.

10.0 m

7.35 m

13.8 m2

522 kg

800 kg

250 km / h

170 km / h

5,000 m

1,000 km

Walter Minor 4-III

105 HP / 77 kW

22 l / h

110 l

1 pilot, 2 passengers



Bearing surface

Weight of empty machine

Take - off weight

Maximal speed

Travel speed



Power unit



Tank capacity

Number of passengers

OK-CSR, serial number 142

Year of production 1947. Probably in 1948, its owner, a coffee merchant, flew to Germany on this aircraft with his well-known, former pilot of the RAF 311th Squadron, Josef Čermák. He then moved across the Swiss sky. It appeared in the Czech Republic only after 1989, ready for a thorough reconstruction. There are probably only two airworthy Falcons M1C (In England and the Czech one). We dare to say that OK-CSR is in the best condition.

Record flights of the M-1C type

In 1956, pilot Novák achieved a world record on a closed route, when he flew the Brno-Bučovice-Hustopeče route 31 times. He flew 3,116 km, at a speed of 208 km / h.


In September 1956, Sokol embarked on a record flight in a straight line from Brno to Kalunda, Kazakhstan. The distance was 4,260 km.


These record flights were made on a slightly modified serial Sokol OK-DHH. The modifications consisted in the installation of a large additional tank and in the more tilted front part of the cabin.

Grandson's visit Josef Cermák

At the March 2023 Open House we had a rare visitor, a person named Jay Ladell. You can't tell by his name, but he is the grandson of the mentioned RAF pilot Josef Čermák. In the photos, he is together with Nikola, who is showing him the airplane. The plane that helped his family.

The period photos of Josef Čermák are from the family album, for which we thank Jay very much.

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