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Zlín C-305

The last Trener for the Czechoslovak Air Force

Basic parameters


Year of manufacture








km / h

Travel speed


Number of persons

About the Plane

Today, the Zlín Trainer aircraft belong to the legends of the Czechoslovak aviation industry. The first Trainer, Z 26 took off in 1947, and until 1974, when the last Trainer Z 726 left the production line in Otrokovice, 1,457 machines of this series were created. It was primarily an aircraft designed for the army and training of new military pilots, later, when in Czechoslovakia passed the basic training of pilots under the paramilitary organization Svazarm, the Trainers flew under civil registration.

Zlín C-305 is a military version of the Zlín Z-326 and is the last version of the Zlín Trainer, which was introduced into the armament of the Czechoslovak Air Force. It was produced in only ten pieces, which, in addition to military color, differed in equipment for night flights, military radio station, but also, for example, signal missile projectiles.

10.6 m

8.0 m

665 kg

975 kg

308 km / h

180 km / h

1200 m

475 km

Avia M-137A

180 HP / 135 kW

40 l / h

90 + 70 l

1 + 1



Weight of empty machine

Take - off weight

Maximal speed

Travel speed



Power unit



Tank capacity

Number of passengers

More about Zlín C-305

The first military C-305 was flown at the manufacturer in Otrokovice in July 1960. Another nine Trainers for the army were flown in November. The Air Force took them over in two blocks in December 1960 and February 1961. All the aircraft served in the flight school in Košice, where they were used for fitness flying of military pilots, some sources say that they were also used for training pilot students from developing countries.

To this day, only this aircraft, serial number 0612, has been preserved from this series in its original color and with its original military equipment.

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